Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Boyle Wedding

So it's been a very very VERY long time since my last post

I took some much-needed mommy time off the past year, but when Adie on my team reached out and asked me to help her with a wedding, I couldn't resist.

I can't say enough wonderful things about Adie and my Tollehouse Beauty team. I went to cosmetology school with Adie. She was the maid of honor for this wedding. And I remember the bride, Kacie, from Adie's wedding years ago. Kacie is seriously gorgeous. Naturally- without an ounce of makeup. She makes my job look easy. But on top of being stunning, she is gorgeous on the inside, too. Such a sweet person. I say it all the time, but I work with the BEST brides..

I have to be honest about this wedding, though... I was having anxiety the ENTIRE morning. Why?.. Kacie and Jarrett were getting married on an amazing private family farm and the ceremony was planned to be outside; however, it was raining all morning and afternoon. Everyone was praying it would stop.. but at some point, it was raining 'buckets' or 'cats and dogs' or whatever expression you want to use..

Thank goodness, luck was on Kacie and Jarrett's side, and it stopped raining a few minutes before it was time to walk down the aisle..

What a beautiful ceremony...

She looked stunning. Seriously ..and that lace dress- swoon worthy!

& this swing... well, it just speaks for itself.. my heart is melting

I'm so happy for Kacie, Jarrett, and their adorable family

Adie, thank you for asking me to help with this wedding. Kacie and Jarrett, congratulations and I wish you many many years of happiness!

Photographed by: Ashlee Zimmerman Photography
Bride's Hair: Adie Groft of Tollehouse Beauty
Makeup: Emily Tolle of Tollehouse Beauty

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sara and Chad: Married

so i apologize in advance..because this is going to be my longest blog post to date. you all have NO IDEA how long i've been dyyyyyying to post these pictures.

Ica from Ica Images shot this wedding accompanied by her husband Tim (who's a heck of dancer, btw). Ica and I have quite a history by now. It started with my sister's wedding back in 2010 when I was just getting started.. and I have been lucky enough to do a few of her brides since then.

I have known Sara since I was 9.. she's practically my sister. We share a love for all things vintage..thrifted..glam..sparkly..and shabby chic. So I knew recommending Ica for Sara would be a perfect fit!

I have to give a little disclaimer with this wedding. This wedding is different than any wedding i have EVER done! Why?..you ask. Because Sara asked me to plan the entire thing. Yes, literally.. the entire thing. Where most people were like, "whoa that's overwhelming".. for me, it was a dream come true. Honestly. I was flattered, honored, humbled - that someone thought I had good taste and understood their vision enough to turn over that amount of responsible for their wedding day.

So this wedding is like my baby. It was the only wedding I've seen from start to finish. I spent days and hours and months calling vendors pretending to be Sara. From the dress to the venue..the food and the cake..ordering the flowers, cutting and assembling them the morning of the wedding..making the invitations..staying up til midnight to finish chalkboards..thrifting for old glass bottles for centerpieces..and of course, doing the hair and makeup.. i had so much fun doing this wedding alongside Sara.

All the planning was done and the venue was set up ready for guests to arrive. That was my cue to start Sara's hair and makeup. If anyone knows Sara, you know she is naturally beautiful. She needs no makeup to look pretty..and she has THE most beautiful eyelashes I have ever seen ((so jealous)). Sara looked incredible..so stunning that it took your breath away. Her groom, Chad, was one lucky guy.

I could do an entire separate blog post on Chad alone. He is the kindest man you will ever meet. He redefines what it means to be a gentlemen. He has done more for me and my family in the past year that I could ever repay him for. And I'm blessed to be able to call him my friend.

i'm so happy for these two. i blogged on their engagement pictures that i love the way the love each other.. and it's true. You don't even have to know them to see that their love is undeniable. The way that they looked at one another on their wedding day melted your heart.. and I hope i'm around to watch them look at each other that way for another 75 years.

Ica, you have really outdone yourself on this one. You captured the day and venue and the ambiance so effortlessly and so perfectly... not to mention, you made a pretty mean dance partner ;) You appreciated every last thrifty detail and you were an absolute rockstar for the day.

So, without further adieu.. sit back, relax, and buckle up.. this is a long one

Sara and Chad decided to do a 'first look' before their ceremony
So glad they did, because the pictures are unbelievable

models.. seriously, stop it.

the driveway to the venue was swoon worthy
long and lined with trees with an old charming brick home at the end of it
we couldn't have found a more perfect setting

oh and did i forget to mention the most adorable white fence along a cornfield..

it was finally time for Sara to veil up and walk down the aisle to become Chad's wife

Sara and Chad had a small intimate wedding with their closest family and friends
no bridesmaids..no groomsmen..
a day just to celebrate the two of them. together. perfectly.

in between the ceremony and reception Sara wanted her hair and makeup changed for a different look

i loved every little detail of this wedding..

these sunset pictures are enough to make my heart skip a beat..

Congratulations Sara and Chad .. Love you both

Photographed by: Ica Images www.icaimages.com
Venue: Running Fox
Hair and Makeup: Tollehouse Beauty
Bride's bouquet, corsages and boutonieres: Country Beautiful
Tent and Tables: Eastern Shore Tents and Events
Centerpieces: Emily Tolle