Where are you located? 
We are based out of Pasadena, MD... Tollehouse beauty mostly services the MD, PA, DC and VA areas..but we are willing to travel anywhere!

Are you licensed?

 Absolutely! Everyone at tollehouse beauty holds a current cosmetology license

Where will Tollehouse Beauty meet us? 

We will go where ever you tell us to go. Whether it is a house, hotel, church or the venue.. if you give us the address, we will be there! We love the idea of the bride being with her bridesmaids for the big day!  no stress, no running around, no worrying about fitting everyone in at a salon; just being relaxed in the luxury of a private location.

What do you bring with you?
Tollehouse Beauty uses all professional tools and products. We bring curling irons, flat irons, blow dryers, makeup, eyelashes, bobby pins, a wide variety of hair sprays, styling products, clips, mirrors (if necessary)... anything that would be at a salon, we bring to you!

What brand(s) of makeup do you use?
Tollehouse Beauty specializes in Motives cosmetics. Motives also offers custom blend liquid foundation that is formulated specifically for you. We also use Smashbox, Nars, MAC, Urban Decay (just to name a few) and much much more. All of the makeup we use is professional and high definition. We also make sure anything we use on the eyes are waterproof.

I don't wear very much makeup and i'm nervous.. what do you suggest?
Even for the girl that wears no makeup, Tollehouse Beauty will tell every girl the same thing: A picture is worth 1000 words... and pictures are the main thing you will have to look back on from your wedding day. The way a bride looks in the mirror and the ways she looks in a picture can be different. You want to feel yourself but more "done up" or enhanced. We recommend every bride wears lashes. Yes.. we said it! Lashes! (for those of you who are thinking you'll look like a drag queen..keep an open mind!) Even the smallest set of lashes make a HUGE difference in photos. Lashes open your eyes immensly and add fullness to make your eyes really pop.

What is the difference between the partial face makeup application and the full face?
For the full face makeup application, we provide the works. We apply everything: primer, concealer, high definition foundation (liquid, mineral, or powder), highlight, cheeks, eyes, finishers and lips. For the partial face application, the bride/bridesmaid provides their own foundation and we apply the cheeks, eyes, and lips.

Is a pre wedding day trial run required?

 A pre wedding day trial run is not required but is highly recommended. Trial runs are a great time to try out different hairstyles and looks BEFORE the big day. It also gives us time to get to know eachother and feel more comfortable with one another.

When can I schedule my trial run?
Trial runs are available Monday- Thursday after 4:00pm. Traditionally, we do the trial run within 30 to 45 days of your wedding. We have found that if we do not schedule it in that time frame, most brides tend to forget how they looked/felt about their hair and makeup or they found a style they like better and change their minds.

How long does each girl take to get done/ how much time will i need?
Timing can depend on many factors. We take into consideration hair length/thickness, how dramatic you want your makeup, how many services each individual is getting, and how intricate the updo is. We estimate 30-45 minutes per formal style and 20-25 minutes per full face makeup application.

What is the process in getting a contract?
-We discuss what package or services you are interested in
-We draft up a contract and send it by email
-at that point you will review the contract and make sure everything is accurate and to your liking
-then we will put a hard copy in the mail of your receipt and contract
-you will sign them both and send them back with a 25% deposit or full amount (however you prefer)

How do i reserve my date?
A 25% deposit is required along with a signed contract to reserve the date. Once we discuss the services/packages chosen, tollehouse beauty will write up a receipt and a contract and mail it to you. Then you will fill it out, sign it and mail it back. The remaining balance is due one week before the wedding.

But we are all paying separately.. how does that work? 

The balance is due one week before the event. Everyone can pay the bride and she can write one check. Also, you can split the bill between the number of girls and have them all individually mail a check. Any services that aren't in the contract will not be expected to be performed the day of the wedding.

What forms of payment do you accept?
We currently accept cash, check, or money order. We are in the process to accept credit card payments soon.

For updos/formal styling, do you prefer washed or unwashed hair?
Everyone has heard at one time or another in their lifetime, that "dirty" hair is best for updos. At Tollehouse Beauty, we disagree. For updos/formal styling, you know your hair better than we do and you style it yourself on a daily basis. If you think your hair holds and works best washing it the night or two before or having it a little dirty the day of the event, then we are okay with that. If you want to wash it the same day because you think your hair works best clean, then we are okay with that too. All we ask is that when we arrive, that the hair is fully dry. Please do not have us arrive with girls still blowdrying their hair or having their hair damp (unless you are scheduled for a blowdry and style). This will cause us to run behind the day of the event. Arriving with wet/damp hair will result in additional fees for extra time/hours or additional blowdrying charges.

Is tipping required? 

Tollehouse beauty is very competitively priced. Our prices run the same or less then most salons. Our costs have no hidden fees. What you see is what you get. Tipping is not required, but if you are blown away or feel giving.. tips are greatly appreciated.