Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Becky and Josh: Married

So with one wedding under my belt
and my sister engaged.. i was itching to do another wedding.
but my sister wasn't planning on getting married for a while. why?
because her fiance (my now brother-in-law)
signed up for the Army and was getting ready to go to bootcamp.

So my sister and i were on vacation and in the crystal clear waters of St. John's Trump Bay
and i remember talking about her wedding like it was yesterday.
 We talked about planning her wedding after Josh's bootcamp or in between possible deployments..
and picking a date was seeming impossible. 

So I threw out the idea of getting married before he left for the Army.
Plan an entire wedding in four months?!?!
Were we crazy?.. Perhaps.

But somehow, we did it.
the date. the invitations. the food. the flowers. the DJ. the drinks. the dresses.
and of course, the hair and makeup.

i was honored when Becky asked me to do the hair and makeup,
but even more honored when she asked me to be her maid of honor.

So the chilly November evening finally came.
Becky looked absolutely stunning.
she was glowing and it looked like love was just radiating out of her.
..and Josh's face says it all..
it was SUCH an amazing night and gorgeous wedding.
full of laughter. tears. drinks. and dancing.
thank you for making me apart of your special day
and giving me a nephew and niece since then

Photographer: ica images. Florist: Corner Florist. Venue: OverHills Mansion Cationsville, MD

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