Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Katie & Nick: Married

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So here goes nothing. My first blog post :)

I'm going to take you way back in time, wayyy wayyy back.

my cousin was engaged and asked me to do the hair and makeup.
i was flattered, but my very first wedding ever GULP!

growing up, i was obsessed with Disney World (i've been there 13 times!)
the idea of that fairytale love... prince charmings and cinderellas
i love all things weddings..glam..shabby chic..and romantic
but to actually be in charge of how a bride will look on her wedding day.. now that's a BIG deal!
alot of pressure..it's the day most girls dream about since they are little.
So the morning of the wedding came..
one curl at a time. one brush at a time. one girl at a time.
and one by one i found myself deeper in my element.
it was my calm. my niche. what i knew i was supposed to be doing.

and when i was done.. i couldn't believe my eyes
wow. accomplished. beautiful. stunning. glamorous
what i saw captured in magazines and pictures time and time again
i transformed a group of girls into a bridal party

so here are the pictures from that very first day 
the day where my journey began

so years later, thank you Katie & Nick
you had a beautiful wedding and i love you both.

Photographer: John Linko. Florist: Janda Florist. Assisted by: Adie Wivell. Venue: Crown Plaza Timonium, MD

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