Saturday, January 4, 2014

Leigh and Eric: Married

So it's been awhile since I've posted.. between work and holidays and being a single momma my time has been a bit crazy lately. but I appreciate you ladies being patient with me! and I'm so so excited to share Leigh and Eric's wedding with you!! it was photographed by the amazingly talented Allison George Photography

I went to highschool with Leigh. She was a year below me.. but going to a tiny all girl catholic highschool.. everyone pretty much knows everybody. Her older sister was friends with my sister (her wedding will be blogged shortly - because they both got married a few months apart! how fun!!)

Leigh's wedding was truly a pleasure to do. Her entire group was so inviting and warm. Leigh gleamed with sophistication and elegance - and her eyes lit up when she talked about Eric.

((you know, i'll share something with you all. that's one thing i've learned to love about weddings.. i rarely ever know the groom or see the groom until i receive the wedding pictures, yet, i feel as though i have met each and every one of my brides' grooms. i think it's the way they talk about them. yup, that's what i love. the one thing that may be called a "behind the scenes" 'thing' when it comes to doing weddings. to most of you; i'm a stranger.. a friend of a friend..a "you did my cousin's wedding two years ago and i'd like for you to do mine" kinda deal. but by the end of the wedding day..i feel like i know you..and your family..and your groom. and the way my brides' eyes light up when i ask them about their groom.. it gets me every time. i hope to be able to have that 'feeling' or 'moment' some day. but until then.. thank you all for sharing those moments with me))

enjoy some of my favorites

how beautiful is this venue?!

and i just love the small details and hand written notes!

congrats Leigh and Eric
and thank you for letting me share in your big day

Photographer: Allison George Photography
Hair and Makeup: Tollehouse Beauty
Wedding Venue: Oxon Hill Manor

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