Saturday, January 4, 2014

Seetha and Stephen: Married

So this wedding holds a couple 'firsts' for me.
This wedding was the first wedding I did that introduced me to a different culture first hand
This is also the first bride I did where I never met my bride before or did a trial run prior to the big day
and this was the first wedding I did where Tollehouse Beauty didn't do the makeup

None of that mattered, though. It never felt like I hadn't met Seetha. And she said her whole group wanted big Texas hair.. So I knew we would get along right off the bat ((anyone that knows me knows that big hair is my cup of tea!)) Sandy Tang, a freelance makeup artist, did the makeup for the group. She was so talented and the airbrushing was stunning. Seetha was a site to be seen. I called her a barbie because she looked so flawless.. and she was just that

This wedding was the perfect balance of cultures and traditions. The girls were gorgeous..seriously jaw droppingly gorgeous. Their hair was heavenly..thick..long shiny amazingness. The day was filled with laughter, beautiful garments, beautiful colors and sentimental touches throughout.

Here are a few photos from Seetha and Stephen's big day


Photographer: RMN Photography
Hair: Tollehouse Beauty
Makeup: Sandy Tang -Freelance Makeup Artist
Venue: Morningside Inn

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